your smart snow tire chain

Why snowless

Few bumps,easy installation, easy to carry,strong material,2 sizes only

Snowless 1 & 2 are here to make your snow adventures easier.
The are tighlty integrated with the tire,they do not hurt it,the bumps are few and the antiskid more effective.
The location of each iron nail combined with the snow chain has been accurately calculated to achieve a more scientific and paractical anti skid effect with safety.
The vehicle braking and traction are better with snowless than with common snow chains and it can be used at minus 40 degrees below zero due to its special TPU material built.
Snowless 1 are for cars and rims size 145-235 Snowless 2 are fo suv/jeep and rims size 185-300
Strong TPU material
Quick and easy installation

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